The London Utility Commission wished to obtain grant funding for a sanitary sewer extension for an area that included 175 homes and an elementary school. To do this, they contracted with Eclipse Engineers in June 2009 and asked that we develop a Preliminary Engineering Report for the Cumberland Valley Area Development District so they could assign an SX# to the project.

Eclipse Engineers was asked to quote a fee to the Commission since they were not satisfied with the quote from another engineering firm. Eclipse Engineers quoted a lower fee and completed the report in just one month to the client’s satisfaction.

The Report included the following information for a three-phased approach to the project:

  • Overall description of the project
  • Number of phases
  • Maps of work to be included in each phase
  • Number of homes per phase
  • Length of gravity sewer per phase
  • Number of pump stations per phase
  • Length of force main per phase
  • Number of manholes per phase
  • Cost per phase
  • Summary sheet